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Outlook express double message



Occasionally when I open Outlook express and it checks my mail, double copies of each message show up. (For example I have 3 new messages from Hotmail and there is a duplicate copy of each, for a total of six messages.) This only happens on occasion, and I haven't been able to find anything about this anywhere. Does this happen to anyone else, and if so is there any way to fix it or is it just a minor bug that can't be dealt with?


Double Entry of 3 ?

I get double in hot mail.
Roughly I get 200 mails + 150 junk mails in 3 hours.
Imagine all entries become double entries.
All I can do is to select all ..and hit DEL key.

But this double entry thing disappears from time to time.
I think it must be a bug.
i have that kind of problem too.... the way i get rid of it is first i clicked on other folders on the acct like Sent or Draft folder... then click back to the inbox and wait a few seconds and all the double msg are gone...

but try setting outlook express not to download the msg to your comp... just download the header.. it might do the trick...


Ok, Thanks. I did find something yesterday that said that it will download double if you have outlook set to download at startup and go to your inbox at startup, because going to the inbox will start downloading too. I have it set on download at startup but not inbox at startup, so I think that the reason it only happens sometimes is because I click on the inbox before it's done downloading new messages. This must start it downloading again, thus getting doubles. I'm going to try avoiding clicking on the inbox until it's completetly done, for awhile, and see what happens.

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