Outlook Express crashing: Weird issues


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Dec 24, 2001
Hey guys,

I'm having an issue here at work with my Outlook and Outlook express... they are differing issues, so I am going to leave this to Outlook Express. For some reason since last Thursday, everytime I attempt to open OE, here is what occurs.

1) Outlook Express opens with the subject bar: Outlook Express - Inbox - cxvxc
2) It proceeds to make both OE and IE set everything to "work offline".
3) The program will not let me perform anything within it. I have to ctrl+alt+delete, and end task for Outlook Express.
4) When I proceed to try and open it after that happens, I get the error:

msimn.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program.

An error log has been created.
There is nothing in my Event Viewer that I can pick up regarding this. What is causing this strange issue?


Somewhat eXPerienced
Dec 24, 2001
I found somewhere on Google groups that W2K often gets bad Profiles. I logged in as administrator, deleted my current profile, and logged in again under it, and everything appears to be working fine. Thanks for your help Yank. :)

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