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Outlook Express Address Book


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I have three computers, and would like to merge all the Outlook Express Address Books into one. Am I right in thinking that if I 'Import an Address Book' it will replace all the existing entries, or does it just add to them, in which case this is all I would need to do.


In answer to your question - I think Hipster is correct - as an alternative and there are probably better ones see below:

There is probably a quicker/shorter way to do what you want to do - but I do an incremental backup of my address book on a regular basis using a multisession cd-r in Nero.

It seems like if you imported the infromation from computers #2 & #3 into two seperate files in computer #1, then burn a cd-r with the info from the address book in #1 and then went in as an update with each of the files from #2 & #3 - it would merge all the address books together. Then you could copy that cd-r back into your address book into computer #1 and/or #2 & #3!

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