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Outlook Express 6



Ever since downloading XP SP1, my e-mail on all advertisements only shows me a box with the little x in the top left hand corner. I used to get a picture in this box. Although there are many that I do not mind this happening to, there are also many that I want to see before having to open it to see what it is. I have tried everything to try and enable this again I have run out of ideas. Please and thank you for any suggestions.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I had, probably still have a problem where I can attach things but have trouble sending.

After trying to send an attachment it would fail. I close OE & it asks if I want to send it. Click OK, still fails. Open OE again, click send & away it goes. Don't ask me whay it won't do it the first time.

ps from memory I did not click send again, it sent itself on starting OE.

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