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Outlook Contact and Emails.

If I don't export my contacts or emails from outlook, and I want to transfer them to another machine, is there any way that I can transfer them over without exporting?

The long story is: I was fixing a clients computer and I made an image of the machine onto an external HD using ghost. Then I reinstalled windows on his machine. Now I want to extract the Outlook files from the image to the new installation. But where are the files. I've transfered ALL of the Office folder over but that didn't do it.

Now I need to transfer them over.


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You can copy the Outlook.pst file within C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook. I'd also copy archive.pst.


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Yes, that will work.

If you already have the mailbox created/configured on the new box, you can open it like an archive file. Or, simply import from that file.

If you are hesitant, backup what he has now before doing anything - but I have done it countless times.


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Office 2003 (not sure why 2007 doesn't) also has the "Save My Settings Wizard". If you backup those two PST files and create a settings backup then you are in business.


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Check out the Save My Settings Wizard, it works very well. Once you have the OPS and the PST files backed up you are good to go.
That way didn't seem to work. I copied the files over to my system which has Office 2003 and it's not working... I tried to import the files and nothing happened. It couldn't see anything in the folder.


Well, that's the thing... I'm extracting these files from a Ghost image. So I don't have access to control that computer with that image and be able to save those files. Since that image has a corrupt version of windows.
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I'm thinking my only resort is to take the ghost image, extract it to another HD that I have, but not launch windows, go to his computer, put that HD in with the new ghost image, launch Outlook upon startup, export his info, store it on a flash drive. Then go back to his HD with the new installation of windows, and import the outlook files, since nothing seems to be working yet.

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