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Outlook Address Autofill

Outlook Address Autofill

(I thought I seen this issue here on the site but could not find it)

I have a user that every few months the auto complete for email address that he has sent to is gone. Any idea what would cause this?


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I have found that rebooting the computer resolves the issue. It seems to me that the larger that file gets the more often it happens. You can delete the file and start from scratch or have him delete entries he is no longer using; this will help resolve the problem.

To delete an entry, type a letter (e.g. "a"), then arrow down to the entry no longer needed, then press delete.


Bow Down to the King
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It appears that Outlook just loses touch with the file. I never figured out why it happened, but I found that rebooting resolved that instance and that cleaning up the entries helped prevent it from happening more often.

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