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5 Dec 2002
Ok, I am currently using Outlook Express 6 for my 3 email accounts, but I would like to convert over to using my Outlook 97 as it has the appoinment scheudler, and reminder services.

Problem is, that I just can't seem to get it setup. I can't add any email accounts. I read that I had to add the internet mail service under "services" so I did that, then it tells me to exit and log off to start the service. Did that, then I went back to it and tried to select properties to config the service, but I get an error message that says "The action could not be completed. The action could not be completed." Then it says "Couldn't read your E-mail profile. Please exit, delete the currect profile and create a new one."

From there I am lost.
I think outlook 97 will only allow one E Mail account per profile without a patch from microsoft to correct this.

If you do have this patch then you will use the set up instructions for outlook 98 if I remember right.

This is the bad news if your internet provider is AOL then I don't think outlook will work at all. AOL is setup that way.
This is the main reason I quit AOL. It was always something I couldn't do.

Read throught these links to get more info I don't remember a lot about it but hope this helps.






Well happy reading hope this helps.
Thanks for the links! I will get started on them, and no I don't use AOL (always off line)
ok, I ahve read all the docs, installed the patch but still have 2 problems. 1) when I try to send a test email, it fials and says that there is no transport available for message. (I have no idea what this means) 2) it only give me the option for POP3 email account and no HTTP server accounts (ie: hotmail). Any ideas?
Yea, I guess I will have to look into 2004 or something. I don't suppose anyone knows if there is a way to get the callendar and appointment features of outlook with express?
Your obselete

Maveric169 said:
Yea, I guess I will have to look into 2004 or something. I don't suppose anyone knows if there is a way to get the callendar and appointment features of outlook with express?

If you are working with win97, the problem is simple, but not easy to fix without jazzed warez. In a word, MS had stopped supporting WIN97-planned obselence and problems Redmond just does not want to deal with.

If your system can operate the software you need, give either Opera or Firebird a try as browsers-calendar and all. But, that is only a band-aid. Your problem is Win97.

Buy a new OS-if you want to stay with Windows, either 2000 or XP are good options and the price is dropping. MS recently declared its newest OS-Longhorn-will not be in retail form until 2007, thus they are thinking about an interium OS; XP on steriods. Pretty much XP but with hard nosed security that will look a bit like some of the screenshots you have seen of LH. Good luck.

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