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Outlook 2007 hangs on send/receive


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This just started happening yesterday, nothing new has been installed and no configs have been changed. I used my trusted pal Google and the only think I found was
Folowing my earlier post, our wholesale hosts Netcetera www.netcetera.co.uk who are Microsoft Gold Partners solved the problem for me ON A SUNDAY!!
This code in the procedure below cured it immediately:
Go to programs, accessories then right click command line and select run as administrator.
At the prompt type
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disable
Although the post says it only works with Vista another post says he was successful with this on XP Home. I'm running XP Pro and it wasn't successful. Any suggestions?? Other than "get Thunderbird" or " use xxx"?


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Not sure if you already saw this or if it even applies to you but there is an update for the problem discussed on that page.

I don't have large .pst files and most of my folders in Outlook are empty except for few emails.

Are there any warnings/errors noted in the Event Viewer within the Office 2007 logs?
No, no errors or warning. I click send/receive when I left for work this morning, 04:30 and it was still 'Preparing to send/recieve' when I got home at 16:00.


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I've tried all kinds of solutions and none of them worked. What finally seems to have worked for me is to split my multiple accounts into groups of 2 or 3 (Send/Receive Settings/Define Send/Receive Groups). Then I staggered the automatic send/receive based on the importance of that group. For example, the "Main Accounts" group does an auto send/receive every 15 minutes, the "other" group every 17 minutes, and another group every 18 minutes....etc.

I found this after disabling automatic send/receive and tried doing manual send/receives on each account. None of them ever failed. When I re-enabled the auto it started to fail again. It would do one or two accounts and hang....then I'd have to do the dreaded close Outlook, End Process, Restart Outlook, send/receive. It would do 2 or 3 accounts and repeat.

Now that I've split them up.....no problem.

Hope this works for someone else! I know a lot of people are reporting the same problem with different fixes. I spent weeks trying to find one that would work for me without doing a complete re-install and this seems to have done it.

(You may also want to try "American Zombie's" solution while you are at it. I had alreaady done that one and it didn't work for me....but it still makes sense)

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