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Outlook 2007 and multiple email addresses


The Analog Kid
I just did a clean install with Windows 7 and Office 2007. Previously in Windows XP / Office 2007, I had had one pst file and had 3 main email accounts set up that all shared the same inbox, sent folder, and deleted items folder. I then used rules to route incoming mail to individual folders.

I have been trying to recreate this by importing my backed up .pst file (with all my archived mail, contacts etc). Now it seems that I can only create wholly new accounts with individual inbox/sent/junk etc. as well as individual .pst files for each email alias.

Any hints for reverting back to my original configuration? I had originally set that up with Office 2003 (in 2003) and then iirc was able to migrate to 2007 (in 2009) and surprisingly didn't have to make any changes.

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