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Outlook 2003 - Saving Recieved Emails & Accounts?

Goodevening Everyone,

I am wanting to reformat my computer tonight and i was just wondering if someone could tell me how i could save my already recieved emails and my email accounts so that i could put them back into Outlook 2003 once i have reformated. I hope that made sense :rolleyes:

Thank you for your help and time

Alex :cool:


OSNN One Post Wonder
Just go into file -> Import and Export. Choose Export to a file then choose Personal Folder (.pst) the select folder(s) then choose where you want the file saved to then click finish.

Hope that helps.

thanx for the reply Aces&Eights.. Can i export 'Personal Folders' and select the box that says "also sub-folders".. will that save all the folders inside the 'Personal Folders' Section? (when treed on outlook, all my folders are under expanded 'Personal Folders')

What about my E-mail accounts that i have used on Outlook 2003?

Thank you for your help and time :)

Alex :cool:


OSNN One Post Wonder
Yep when you select all subfolders every folder underneath will be backup up to the *.pst file that gets created.

Now with email accounts I am now sure I will check it out. I have never done it this way so I do not know. Maybe some else already has the answer, but when I get one I will post it for you.



The *.pst file only is the emails you have recieved not that account settings. For that there is a registry key you need to save but it does not save the passwords to all your email accounts... dammit i cant remember what that key is...


Mad as a Lorry
I'm pretty sure that registry key is here :

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Windows Messaging Subsystem

You'll see a Profiles key which will list your default profile. Just export the whole key (and all the subkeys), and then import it to your newly built machine.

Personally I'd just create a new profile in Outlook and put in all the account details again, then import the .pst, but each to their own !!

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