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Outlook 2003 receiving duplicate emails


Not all there...
I just set up a new system using Vista, and I'm having problems with my Outlook 2003 receiving duplicate emails. I have 5 different email accounts coming in, and I finally narrowed it down to just one of the addresses.

I've double-checked all of the settings, and there is nothing different about the settings on this account that I can see. In fact, there is another address coming in from the same server that doesn't get duplicates. I've searched the web high and low, and haven't found any solutions that work. I have Microsoft Update, so all of the service packs are current on my software, including the one I found referenced to online that might have been a fix.

As always, your help would be muchly appreciated.


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I had a similar issue once, and it drove me nuts. What was going on actually was a certain account I had was receiving triplicates of a certain type of e-mail, that all originated from the same source. For example, I had mail@domain.com tied into an e-store, and whenever an order was received, the site generated a receipt, and sent three of the confirmation to that address. Any other mail from any other source or domain sent to mail@domain.com was fine, only sending and receiving one copy.

After working with the vendor of the e-store, it was determined it was the hosting company that was hosting the website. I switched the site to a new host, and the problem went away. After even more research, it appeared that the host in question had known issues of this happening.

So, anyway - I guess I have to ask for more information. You say you have 5 accounts, 4 of which are fine. Are they all from the same domain, or any of them from the same provider? Such as all GMAIL, or all hosted by the same web hosting company?

Do you have any rules in place? Do you have the option to check the e-mail for this particular address through a web interface (i.e. gmail webmail, or Outlook Web Access or similar). If so, does it happen then?

Welcome back by the way, good to hear from you :)


Not all there...
Thanx for the warm welcome back! :D

I have accounts from three different domains. Actually there is another address from the same domain as the one that is receiving duplicates, but it doesn't receive them. The only rules I have placed are for spam containing certain words in the subject to be sent to junk mail or deleted (I get a LOT of spam through this server as well). And the duplicates seem to be happening with every email sent to that particular address.

What really hacks me off is that Microsoft apparently has no solution for this, other than to buy a solution from a third-party vendor.

I guess I could look into switching my web hosting... But it would be an ever bigger pain. :p


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Well if it is one particular address and all e-mails, as well as your other same domain addresses are OK, it may not be hosting.

Have you tried contacting your web hosting provider? Is there a web interface you can look at to see if it happens there too?


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Just wondering - who is your web host? I only ask because I had 1and1 when I had my problem, and after doing some research it was pretty common for them.
I had a friend with a similar problem.
Turned out he had his mail originally set to forward a copy from gmail to another address setup in outlook then he changed to pop but never took out the forward so he was getting 2 copies of everything

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