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16 Mar 2002
In the attached image you can see how my outlook account is currently set up. I've only very recently started using outlook, previously always had used webmail. But anyways, you can see I have my primary folder and then 3 additional "main" folders that outlook made when I added my hotmail accounts. That's all cool. What I want to be able to do is add more pop3 accounts to seperate folders like that. When ever I try to add an email account via the add accounts thing, it just automatically goes to the inbox for the first, "primary" folder.

I guess what I'm saying, and probably not too well, is that I want seperate "folders" for each email address I have.

*edit: apparently the Manage Attachment button is having some issues in FireFox.
Ouch! Don't think you can have separate inboxes in outlook for Pop accounts.
not separate inboxes but you can make sub-folders under the inbox and create rules to put email into those folders.
hmmm, that sounds like it would accomplish what I want.

maybe some hints how to go about that, pk?

As I said, I've spend all of about 2 hours with outlook...
In Outlook>Tools menu. there's a Rules and Alerts option.
You can set email rules in there. Haven't done it myself, but I guess you just set the rule for each email account to be placed into a certain folder of your choice.
you can also just right click on a message and hit create rule, you a set a rule so all mail from a certain account goes into the folder you want just Pk said :)
(See the screenie)


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well here's the best I can do with only one cup of coffee...

Step 1 (the easy way to do this) Right click the email you wish to create a rule for. Then left click on 'Create Rule' as shown in Step 1 image.

Step 2 You are shown a Create Rule window. In this it is best to select the top choice which in this case is the DMXzone.com emails I get. Yours will vary. Now down at the bottom is where you can select what to do with the incoming email emails from them.

Step 3 I've checked 'Move e-mail to folder' but the folder currently listed in the box on the right is not the one I want to move it to. So now I click the 'Select folder' button.

Step 4 Now I am prompted to select or create a folder for my emails. I click 'New'

Step 5 Now it is important to have the Inbox highlighted since the new folder will be created under the Inbox. But you can create it where ever you wish but in this case it is under the inbox. Now type in the name you wish to call the new folder ... in this case it will be called [ - [ DMX Zone ] - ] ... I like adding some extra brackets but you dont have to ... now click ok

Step 6 Now you need to check to be sure everything is ok and how you want it to look. Now click 'Ok'

Step 7 you will be prompted by the window asking if you want to apply this rule now (I would recommend it) and check the box that says 'Run this rule now ...

Step 8 You're done... as you can see the new folder is created and all inbound email from DMX zone will be forwarded into said folder.

I hope this helps... be sure to look the images but understrand yours may look a little different ... I run a windowblinds theme and other customizations, but the steps are pretty much the same. :D
Thanks ming, indy and pk. I'm about to delve into this mess. Will let you know how it goes

maybe I'm missing something, but what I'm trying to do is get folders for each address sent to, not from...
Apparently thunderbird will have one main mailbox, might hav eto give this application a quick look :)
Dreamliner... From what I make of it (if I'm not mistaken), you should do the following:

1: Click on Tools> Rules and Alerts.
2: Email Rules
3: Select "Start from blank Rule", >check messages when they arrive.
4: Check the box "through a specified account"
5: In step 2 (the lower box) click on the underlined "Specified", and choose the account you want the rule to apply to.
6: Click next, and then choose the folder you want the messages to be sent to by checking the "Move it to the specified folder" box.
7: In the lower box, click on the underlined "specified", and choose the target folder for that particular account.
erm, okay, i think i kinda got the rules sassed out, but another question...

Is there any way to get the # of new messages to appear next to the folder like the inbox?
I can see what pk is doing. He's putting all the incoming emails from specific people into folders for each individual.
It's useful when you want to search for all emails sent by one person and in date order too. I currently do the same, except I'm using OE without the rules meaning I'm just dragging and dropping emails as they come in. :p

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