Outlook 2003 : Message Sent NOT Saved on "Sent Folder"


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15 Jan 2004
Hi. I had just installed office 2003 and noticed that my sent messages are not saved on the "sent Messages folder" even if the option is "clicked". And the sent messages are saved in the folder where I had replied an email, asn example is, I had received an email from my friend under "Friends" folder, so I replied to that email and send the email. The email that I send saved a copy under the "Friends" folder not in the "Sent" Folder. And this also happens with other emails from other folders. What could be wrong?


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12 Dec 2005
Translated from a dutch office 2003:

start outlook
click extra
click options
under preferences click email options
click advanced emailoptions
now, in dutch there is a checkbox with the (translated) text: outside inbox save answer with original message. Make sure this checkbox is empty.

Should do the trick. I hope

Good Luck

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