Outlook 2003 Mail Notify Question


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I am using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Professional Edition. I get spammed with all these e-mails from our support system, which I don't have to do anything with, but I still monitor them. I have a rule setup to dump them into a folder, and then mark them as read. Is there a way, I can not have them set off the little envelope in the system tray? I don't want to turn off the feature all together, but when a message gets marked as read, clear the icon so to speak.

Does that make sense?


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Have them filter into your Junk E-mail folder. That's what I do with emails from our mail gateway and Websense. Then I go through them and delete them.


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Well, that's not really the problem. I have them go into a folder already. I just don't want that pesky envelope to distract me for messages I don't give a poop about. Does it not appear for items going into the Junk Folder via a rule?

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I have a questiuon bout the mail notify sound.

Haven't tested it recently but before I had to create a rule to play a sound when I get an email, simply setting the Mail Notification sound event in windows didnt want to do it.

Any one else have this problem?


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I've never, I always get the little audible notice when I get a message....

However the Mail Notify within Windows should also do the trick, that doesn't work for you?

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