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Outlook 2003 issue


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I am using Outlook 2003 (part of Office 2003 SP2) to process e-mail managed by Google Gmail Pop server.

I have encountered two issues:

1.Cannot display Chinese characters in subject field of incoming message.
2.Cannot find "Out Of Offices" Assistant setting.

Can somebody who is experienced the same issues help me fix them ?

PS: I don't have problem to handle Chinese characters in subjetc field on web basede gmail.

Barry Wu


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
could you try running a repair on your office install and say what happens? In Outlook and office are the relevant character sets supported/loaded?


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In regards to question number 1, do you have the correct language packs installed for Office and the derelect you need? You should be able to pop in your CD and be sure the additional language information is installed.

For what it's worth, Out of Office won't work unless Outlook is running since you are pulling from a server. It is located at the Tools Menu, and then Out of Office Assistant. You may have to click the double-arrow to expand the Tools list to find it.

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