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Outlook 2003 deactivating links?


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why is it that when i merge a document created by MS Publisher in particular, the links seem to not work up on reciept. Basically, when the flyer is sitting in my outbox the hyperlinks are there and can be clicked on, however as soon as i push send and recieve the "test" copy i send myself, the hyperlinks do not work. they are still blue and underlined, but when i click on them its as if its just regular text in that nothing happens. whats goin on with this?


Bow Down to the King
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Is the information bar up top saying that links have been deactivated? Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and newer (2007) has built in security that disables links and images unless the sender is A.) in your address book or B.) added to your white list.


Bow Down to the King
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It won't. The bar will appear at the top of the email message itself (whether it be in the reading pane or if you open it).

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