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Outlook 2003 Change password option

Our users currently see an option at login to change their email password. This is Office 2000 running on Windows 2000. As we move to Windows XP we want to upgrade the users to Office 2003. When I install Office 2003 on an XP machine this change password option is lost. To change the users password, the only option is:

Tools>Options>Other>Advanced Options>Custom Forms>Password.

As a test, I installed Office 2003 on a Windows 2000 machine and the Change Password option came back. Is there a registry tweak of something I can try to get this to work on XP?
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Are you trying to change the password for the e-mail account through the client itself? What mail server do you have running? If it's Exchange, it should all come down through Active Directory.
Yes, it is exchange. It works fine on a Win 2000 machine:

But if I reimage the same machine as XP then I get a prompt like this:

As you can see, the "Change Password" button is gone.
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Someone found this key for me and it brought back the button. However, it does not allow the password to be changed.


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