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Outlook 2003 autocomplete issues


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Hi fellow tech heads:). I am having an issue here at work with one of the users. The Outlook autocomplete stopped remembering all the addresses it has saved and started over from scratch like it was freshly installed. I have been pulling my hair with this one but no avail. I have seen this question posted on google groups/techrepublic etc and no one seems to have a solution. The Microsoft Knowledge base wasnt any help either. All I was able to get were fixes for other issues and one stating that a 1000 entries is the max the N2K file can take before it starts bugging out. Could that be the problem? Or is it something else? Did any of you guys and gals ever experienced this or come across it? All suggestions and help is appreciated.:)


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well, if the nick file got corrupted, outlook, I believe, would just delete it and recreate it.
If it's gone, then it's gone.. unless you are backing up client machines (or using roaming profiles and backing up the user profiles).

It is also possible that they created a duplicate outlook profile which would create a new .nk2 file associated with that outlook profile. Have you searched his drive for the .nk2 file?


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Yeah I would search for other N2K files and see what happens. Look at date/time stamps to ensure accuracy.


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Well I know where the N2K file is and how to get to it but I did not search for duplicates. I have folder options on the PC set to see all hidden files and such. I think it might have actually fotten corrupted fitz and started over. His file size is 32K when other users are in the 100 or 200k lvl. It did start over it seems.
Also there was only one N2K file when I looked. As far as I know there wouldnt be one anywhere else other than that folder. Would there?

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