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26 Jan 2004
i used to use outlook express 6.0. to back up emails id just drag-drop them to a folder. there i would have *.eml files i could click and open. i am playing with outlook xp now. is there any way to get those *.emls into my inbox from that folder? ive tried searching but all i come up with is ways to do it using pst (personal folder/file something) thanks for any help.
Check out File> Import & Export> Import Internet mail and Addresses, this will allow you to import mail into your PST system
thanks. i did try Import/Export, but when i go where you told me (i mail and addy ) it will import from eudora, netscape, oe, and netscape. my mail isnt in any of those, theyre just in a folder. i can get them back into oe to export them in a pst. thanks for the response anyway tho.
Your email address you should export into whats called a CSV (comma separated value) file. After you save it somewhere on your hard drive you can import it into almost any program. Plus you have a backup now of your email addys and can manipulate them like in Excel.
You can import the email the way you tried before just drag over the emails in the inbox and you should be fine.
thanks PS. i did get the address book over fine. the e-mail is givin me the probs tho. i tried the drag and drop thing bot hbefore you mentioned it and again after but instead of dropping the *.eml file into the inbox it immediatly opend a new e-mail windows with the file i dragged over as an attachment to the new mail, it doesnt just put it in the inbox. oh, well, it really no big deal. thanks for all the help.

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