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I use outlook 2002 and today I was looking at the file menu and somehow clicked work offline and now it stuck in work offline mode. I’d like to get this unstuck. (I never use offline mode)
Normally you just click work offline again and you’re done but now this time it’s just stuck in offline. I get an error message that comes up.
“access to the account was denied, verify that your username and password are correct, the server responded forbidden”

There’s no reason for this error nothing else was changed and all E mail’s work fine.
There is a registry key I could reset, if I could remember the right key?

So any ideas would be entertained I’ve been on this problem most of the afternoon.

This may be a Microsoft problem that came up because of the switch from http mail to pop yesterday; it was the day it was to happen.
I changed my settings for the switch a day or so before in outlook and all mail was working fine until I screwed up and clicked work offline by mistake yesterday afternoon…if I could just find the registry key it might work.

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New member here, having googled this thread - I have same problem. Not a computer expert but need a solution too, please.

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Yup I noticed its first on Google…

I still have the problem and still looking for the registry key to change manually or may have to try and create one, not sure yet what will be best/easiest.

Microsoft as of September 1st midday switched the mail protocol from DAV to pop3 and I wonder if there is still something somewhere that still directs to the old server? must be!

When did your problem start ?
Are you using outlook 2002 ?
Do you have some type of Microsoft mail account ?
Do you get the same error as I show in first post ?

bush dogg

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Damm what I had to do to fix this scared the $hit out of me!!!! Kinda flew by the seat of my pants and just held on.

I’ll write up what fixed mine shortly, Have some things I need to get done first.
Also need the questions answered in the last post I made…very important so you don’t loose very many/if any E Mails in the process.

It just takes awhile to get through all the steps it took to get back to online mode and save the important mail. :cry:


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The error message was exactly the same.

I used to operate under MSN folder with its own MSN Inbox and followed all of the steps set out my microsoft on the switch to POP3 and finally got that to work with incoming post going into the old Inbox used prior to the previous switch ( only 6,500 emails !). I have not deleted old MSN account yet and reluctant to this until everything is bedded down.

Luckily I found that I can still download and send emails but using the "Tools : Send/Receive : pop3.live.com" email account I set up. i.e. the Send icon on outgoing messgaes transfers the message to the Outbox but it is left there until I use "Tools etc".

I use Outlook 2002 with SP3 added.

Look forward to your comments and seeing whether I am as brave as you !


bush dogg

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That’s real similar to what my situation was, except days before this I deleted the old http msn account but something must have lingered so I had to set the old account up again then delete it a second time.

So what I did.

I use the outlook backup utility every week to backup my pst files/mail to my system.

If you have never used this you will need to install it and backup your pst files/mail before you do anything else, to do so install it then, open outlook/file/backup save the backup file to where you can fine it.

Then open outlook click tools/send and receive settings/define send and receive groups, under group name high light all accounts then at the bottom of that screen there will be settings for group “all accounts” online and offline, write down where all checks are then uncheck them and click close.

Close outlook go to start control panel click the mail icon, click e mail accounts, then view or change existing e mail accounts/next then high light the old e mail account and click remove. ( Now when you do this you will loose all mail and folders for that account)

Start outlook go to file and click work offline and you should be back working on line “but do not hit send/receive or anything thing to send/receive mail.

Shut down and restart outlook, you will see all your old folders and mail from that account is now gone, and there will be two inbox folders showing on your outlook today page that will be identical so up to right on the outlook today page click “Customize outlook today” at messages/show me these folders click “choose folders” and un check all boxes then save changes, go back into Customize outlook today and put a check in “inbox” and save changes then back into Customize outlook today and check the other boxes for folders you want shown on the outlook today page and save changes.

Shut down and restart outlook click file/backup/open backup/browse to where you saved it and select the old msn account high light it then click open backup. This will put that folder back into the mail folder tree and give access to all the old mail.
Outlook works different now and will not synchronize with the web mail and folder as it used to but the old mail and folder tree will be there to reorganize for the way mail will work now with these two applications.

Last go back into the options where you unchecked send/receive and put the checks back and ok it and you should be good to go.

You might be able to skip some of the steps above but this is the way I had to do it so I could be close to normal for what I was used to doing and still have access to all my old mail on the system rather that Microsoft’s server and have to forward copies to myself.


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Dear bush dogg

Followed your steps and am now "online" with POP3 Mail Account functioning correctly.

Many thanks for your help on this.


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