Outlook 2002 out of memory error



Hi. I hope somebody here can help me out.

I run microsoft outlook 2002 in the office. I get about 300 mail a day.
When I'm out of the office for a week or more, the mail builds up to 2000 or more.
The problem is that when there is that much mail on the pop3 server, outlook 2002 gives an error during download saying that it is out of memory.

The computer I have is a pentium 4 1.8A with 512MB memory.

I would ideally like to continue using outlook, since I have a need to automatically save attachments with a certain email subject header to a specific directory, and a program called "casaveatt" does exactly this for me. This program only runs in outlook.

This is not an isolated problem to just my computer. All the other computers in the office have the same problem when dealing with large number of mail in outlook.

I feel that if there is a way to download a fixed number of mail (say 300) at a time, this problem can be solved, but I don't know how to go about this.

Or alternatively, does anyone know of an email client that allows me to set rules so that email attachments are automatically saved to a folder when it has a specific subject header?

I appreciate any help.


Thanks for the reply.

I've patched outlook with sp2 and the latest patches, but the error still occurs.

Does anyone know whether eudora can save attachments automatically for emails with specific subject header?


Thanks a lot for the heads-up.

By reading the knowledge base, it seems like Microsoft have no intention of fixing the damn problem. The work-around they give is not practical when dealing with large number of mail.

Can anyone recommend an email client that can save attachments automatically?


Microsoft is saying you should buy a faster computer. ;-)

This behavior can occur if you attempt to download more messages than your computer can process."

I'm kidding ofcourse... but, could it be you have a "relatively?" slow computer with a "relatively" fast connection? Could it be you are getting large amounts of small emails at once? Have you tried allowing Outlook to check for mail every few minutes? Have you tried moving your PST to a faster drive...

I am a real Outlook fan. Would be a waste if you had to switch to another email client for such a silly problem. :-( But there are quite a few other good email clients out there. Try "Eurdora Pro" or "The Bat." They look good, feel good, work good. Maybe one of em solves your problems.

Kind regards,
Willem Moolenaar

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