Outlook '03, POP3, keeps downloading mail over and over


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24 Dec 2001
Hey guys,

I have been troubleshooting this email issue for a few hours now, and it's a weird one! There is a user here connecting to the email server using a POP3 account (I do have access to the email server). Originally for some reason Outlook 2003 was having difficulty connecting to his email account, but everyone else was not having any problems. I backed up his settings, deleted his account, recreated it (using same Data File, so he still had his emails) and his account was able to check much quicker now.

Unfortunately, two more issues came up:
1) His email client is set to leave messages on server, so he can access his mail from one of the three devices he uses. Outlook 2003 would check the server, download some 1700 messages in 164mb of data, and then check again, and again, and again, creating numerous duplicates.
2) It appears that he's having difficulty checking the last 21 messages or so, it keeps timing out on him.

I attempted to delete his old data file, and recreate a new one, associate the email account with the new data file, and check again... same problem happens. Right now to avoid this I have him using Outlook Express, though he still can't check the last 21 emails of his account. Outlook is reporting 163mb of 164mb already downloaded, so it doesn't appear that any attachments are getting him hemmed up.

How can I make Outlook 2003 just check his mail once, then it shows it as already checked and not download them again? From my previous experience with POP3 accounts, is it possible that since his email account can't check the last 21 emails, that it doesn't mark the file as read and therefore keeps re-downloading the emails? What can I do to stop this?

The POP3 is being run by Exchange 2003... unfortunately I'm not getting into the fact why aren't they running exchange clients like the other department is using.
Uncheck the option to leave a copy on the server. Download everything and make sure it is off the server. Then recheck the option.

Also, if the option to leave a copy on the server until perm deleted then empty the deleted items and send/receive.
Use mail2web.com

and access your account from the web remove all the email you dont want to see again I am pretty sure it is because your overloaded ... you can also contact your ISP and have them empty the mailbox.
Well as I had previously mentioned, I have access to the mail server. We are servicing both the PD and the Municipality in the same building. They were setup on two different networks. PD is using Exchange, but TWP is connecting to that exchange server but using POP3... I can empty the mailbox, but the person I'm doing this for is the assistant twp manager and really can't lose his emails.

I instructed him to delete his most recent 22 or so emails from Mail2Web, and then to check with Outlook Express or Outlook, that if it finishes he will be good... I don't know if he's going to do that or so, I told him to forward the emails he needs to another address.

Is there anyway to hack out his mailbox so we can unclog it, delete the email that's hemming everything up???

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