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Out of range: this is the the message I get from my monitor whenever im in the middle of gameplay, when i try to reboot the monitor says no signal or input disconnected, for me to be able to operate the machine again, i had to pull the power supply from the motherboard and leave it for atleast 30 minutes.....then back on.....

this happens whenever theres a lot of activity or intense activity involve such as gaming or image editing.............

i have done the following:

- checked for plug connections (ok)
- bought new power supply
- bought new memory
- installed new videocard drivers

system specs:

Intel P4 2.4 Ghz
512mb RAM
Intel D865PERL Mobo
128mb GeForce FX5700LE

Hope you could help me with this one, thanks...................


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It sounds to me like your graphics card could be up the spout and possibly overheating. Can you see if the heatsink and fan are all attached and working properly? It might be worth trying to borrow a spare graphics card of a friend to see if you get any problems with that.

Do you actually have to unplug the PSU from the motherboard or wil just turning it off at the wall suffice?


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The "middle of game play" part is confusing me. Out of range is common at start up of a game or PC boot, but unusual not in the middle of a game. Normally you correct it by one of the following:

1) Make sure that your computer has the right monitor ID's. check it under device manager.
2) Set the default windows resolution and refresh rates for something well within your monitors range (1024 & 70 Hz).
3) Make sure the resolution and refresh rate settings in the game are within your monitors limits.

But since your sync rate is going out of range during game play it sounds more like either the monitor or the video card is overheating and scrambling it's settings.

So set the resolution and refresh to a lower level and try playing again. The higher the settings the hotter the monitor and video card run, so reducing settings will cool them off. Unfortunately you need a spare video card and monitor to troubleshoot the problem and isolate which is bad.

Look around and see if you can find a tool to test the video. There is one called ATI tool that lets you run a 3d test and monitors ATI gpu temperatures. I'm not sure what is out there for Nvidia gpu's.

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