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our new baby :D


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this is our new baby... going on 7 weeks this week :D

not pure...but a little darling... currently in tx... she'll be with me in a coupla weeks :)

just wanted to share...

btw... she's called Thalia and the little puppy is called Spooge (don't ask)... and yes... she is TINY :D Spooge is barely the size of a fist... :)



Free to Fly
I love kittens, one of our cats has just had 4 :D

They are nearly 3 weeks old and are even smaller than the kitten in the pic :D

Love em to bits already, I dont think we are keeping any of them though, as we already have 7 cats in the house :(

Electronic Punk

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We have one of our kittens left over here. Lovingly still referred to as kitten #2.

I was gutted when kitten #1 went to a new home, the little boy, tho the lady was pretty damn fit. She phoned up that night to ask if it was normal for the kitten to hide under a chair and wail.. poor *******.

The mother and the older sister, do not like me at all, prob. the way I stamp and rush around the house... but kitten #2 absolutely loves me.

Mum has now been spade so once again eventually I will only have to deal with 2 cats in heat.

What a damn nitemare that was. Tho the fruits of this do add up nicely.


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Re: Re: our new baby :D

Originally posted by Jewelzz
The kitten tries to hump spooge, eh? :p

she tried to rip him apart the other day...

and he's a little valentines prezzie for my gf... that little sod cost a pretty penny but is so cute and soft and cuddly (she loves him/it) :)

anyways... Thalia is a PITA and has been trying to murder Spooge for a few days now...


My cat just had two kittens two days ago, one gray and one black. I haven't seen them yet, but i heard them crying on the phone. Can't wait to see them.


F@H - Is it in you?
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Originally posted by gleek
cute kid...

are the kittens easier to poopytrain than the pups?
yes... though puppies are easy enough to train if it is instilled in them when they are just a few weeks old about where to potty and where not to... having clear boundaries is important...

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