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OT: Suggestions for other website



I maintain http://www.tc.umn.edu/~habitat for my campus chapter of Habitat For Humanity, and had a few ppl suggest a redesign, so I was wondering if any of you, after peering through the content quickly, had a layout (in HTML) in mind that would work for it, and look "prettier" (LOTTA girls in this, so think "non-techie" (No offense kylie) with the design). I'm just not that great with layouts and wanted an opinion or two.
(Sorry if you don't want these posts here, Wadd, lemme know and remove this one if that's the case.)
lol, keel-hull the man... asking for help in a forum... HOW DARE YOU. :p ;) :D

Why don't you post a request in the main forums somewhere... you'll get a lot more hits out there.

Electronic Punk

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A design can be very technical, but it doesn't mean it will be difficult to update, I have birds helping to update monged ;)
man that teddy bear or what ever it is looking through that widow is scary!!! :eek:

what do u need to be on the site m8 ?

up 2 date news = a news script
downloads = downloads script
Gallery = gallery script
weblinks = web link script...

erm... all arounder (as in complete website with loads of features)= PostNuke/PhpNuke :)



Lactic you post whatever you want mate .. :D

we are all here to help each other

like usual im busy with study etc , but im sure punk or mdsalh could offer some good advice ......

like MD said a good portal woulfd be the ticket i think

ill have proper look later on


Md, don't have access to php. Not sure if I have access to any scripting at all, actually...The site mainly just needs to contain some news updates, some pictures, a calednar, etc. and some informational pages. More or less, what's on the site now, a total of around twenty pages.

And that "thing" in the window is a gopher, my school's mascot, so you betta watch yoself... :D


my university provides student groups with a web account, hosting, email, etc. I don't neccessarily need a news script, as a lot of the officers won't post much anyway. I was just asking for design ideas, layouts, whatever, before I try to redesign it sometime.

If anyone knows of a mailing list manager of some sort, on the other hand...a free listerv perhaps? That would be awesome. Managing a 500 person mailing list by hand gets tedious, and no one else can mail out using the list except me, since it's on my computer.

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