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I have searched around, but I cant find anything on a RSS feed for OSNN. I know other sites use it, but I cant find any info. Can someone point a poor lost soul in the right direction? :)


Feel free to delete this thread. I figured it out. To be honest I feel kinda dumb now..... :)
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please can I bump this thread - because I have an RSS OSNN feed along with others (from register and BBC) going into my desktop RainMeter applet window and although the other two are hot links I can click and the OSNN one used to be since the Vbulletin upgrade the OSNN feed has become unclickable....

is this a side effect of the upgrade? Or do I need to do something? Can someone post back before I stop being lazy and look into it further?


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eh oh....

just looked at my source and it is
I suspect I have chosen the wrong one - can you confirm?


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aha and so we have:-
and my RSS is once more clickable.... BUT is not the one I want for the forum links... does that still exist?

And what is this rumour that EP is working... on the front page? I want teh new front page - so let's hear more.... esp. if it comes with the RSS clickability I want - direct to forum selection... I know the feed exists, only problem I had was it was linkless....my klipfolio one on an old rig is to forum posts and is linkie though!

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I'll have to download this rainmeter app mfg, don't quite get what the problem is, but if I can check it out I can make sure its working how I intended :)


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aha - I think i found half the problem .... the klipfolion feed that I use was made esp. by you - it is below:-


Electronic Punk

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OSNN Klip (Forums)




OSNN is a site dedicated to bringing you the latest information on all that is great
in the tech world. This klip will display the most recent forum topics from the OSNN forums.

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now the thing is Rainmeter takes a regular RSS feed (they work for register and BBC) and yes indeedy the regular OSNN news feeds also work - but I wasusing that forum external feed - and that does not...

Makes sense now? I hope so - you should not need to go diving into that app - unless you want to of course!
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OK - the type paramter I did not have...

But even with that my feed does work but is not clickable - so I remain back at square one - where
is clickable and the quoted one (feeding from forums) is not.

Over to you again guys?

Or do I speak to Rainie (the developer of the app that takes the feed)?


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well OK Khayman - I am going to take a lateral approach to this problem.

Although I am keeping rainmeter and although I do NOT want anything so elaborate as Klipfolio... can you recommend to me the viewers you are using that are clickable? I'll pick one from them... And see how I go with it...


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^bump^ any chance of someone or Khayman even telling me relevant apps that I may check out? Has Ffox a good feeder? I presume it must since IE7 seems to be adding one...

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