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OSNN Klipfolio RSS feed


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
well this is such a teensy tiny problemette I can never see it getting fixed - but anyways....

I was looking into the Klipfolio feed for forum posts, because I wanted to reuse it elsewhere in another RSS viewer. So I go into properties and the header logo is.... NTFS! I have tried to do a little screenie of it below.

Now - while I am bugging you with this trivia - is there any chance you can post up the FORUM new posts RSS feed? I know it is there for Klipfolio - but I want the generic RSS..... not listed at the backend dropdown so far as I see....

many thanks for anything on here - even if you tell me your are too busy!



Debiant by way of Ubuntu
OK thanks speedy - have the RSS now.... not sure about the Klip, that COULD be my old klipfolio feed install I guess.... I thought it was from the feed site - sorry about that, problemos sorted, ta.

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