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What host should we use?

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Re: Fantasy Football League

I'm willing to look at trades also - make me offers if I have something you want/need

With regards to next year, let's get through this year and see how it goes. I'd love to make this something consistent and I'm open to changes. This year was random, I'm sure we can work something out for next year wrt to draft order :)
Re: Fantasy Football League

GENTS... the trade frenzy is ON...

looking to fill that last spot in my wide reciver core...

PMS sent to both of you for QB ofr WR trades...

tick... tock...
Re: Fantasy Football League

I'm game.. I accepted the trade.
Re: Fantasy Football League

I rejected it since you already traded Bulger :D
Re: Fantasy Football League

I'll have to review it :smoker:

I suppose we should also decide if we want to vote on trade fairness across the board.
Re: Fantasy Football League

Isnt that for the commisioner to decide?

I went by stats, and I made my choices on the draft by stats... and I traded a tier 1 QB for a tier 1 WR...

I dont see anything wrong with it...

Especially since Fitz is adding alot more fantasy points to his team than I am to mine... but it was a nice upgrade all the same...
Re: Fantasy Football League

Well it is, you are right.

I approve, I'll login later and handle it.
Re: Fantasy Football League

personally, I think if the owner agrees to the trade, then the owner believes it to be fair. If an owner gets a trade proposal for Tomlinson for.. say.. Joey Harrington, well.. hopefully the owner realizes that is a very lopsided deal and rejects the trade request.
Re: Fantasy Football League

You would think so, and in this request I'll approve it.

I do reserve the right to moderate the trades though.
Re: Fantasy Football League

You would think so, and in this request I'll approve it.

I do reserve the right to moderate the trades though.

And rightfully so, you are the commisioner..

I will also add, that if other owners have a grievance, there is a box to object to the trade...


Mike A!
Re: Fantasy Football League

I object! *runs* :p
Re: Fantasy Football League

*runs back* What am I objecting about? :s *runs*
Re: Fantasy Football League

That's a hell of a traded, tomlinson for harrington, I'd say a very good steal for someone, I agree with Mlakid, the league should vote on any trade proposal. the thought of some one getting for a good player isn't fair at all.
Re: Fantasy Football League

I'll make fair judgements as I can pretty much tell who knows what they are doing and who may not. I won't allow trades that I believe are unfair, and in those circumstances I will probably ask "the people".

I agree about the owners having the right to file a grievance, but if the owner may not know than it's not a valid chance of filing one.

Fitz/Mlakrid - I approved your trade
Re: Fantasy Football League

Fitz/Mlakrid - I approved your trade

About that, it says I wont have the player until week one, does that mean I wont have him available until AFTER week one?


EDIT: nevermind... I guess the trade was approved later than I thought and I have the player in my roster now... thanks.
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Re: Fantasy Football League

*slaps mlakrid*

Pay attention :smoker:

Now that the treade is finalized...

Is anyone out there looking for a top 25 Wide reciever?

:) I also have 3 of the top 10 Tight ends and would consider a SOLID RB for two of them...

any two of either one TE and one WR or TWO TEs... pick and choose from my roster and send me a trade offer...

thanks Mike A!

*slaps mlakrid*

Pay attention :smoker:

*points to previous post*



Out of coffee at the office coffee mess


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Re: Fantasy Football League

I'll have to review stuff this weekend and evaluate my roster for any possible needs, I think I'm good though.

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