OSNN Fantasy Baseball Thread

I'm working my way to the bottom of the standings..
The best part is though everyone makes the playoffs :D

Have to do something about that next year :eek:
My only beef with fleaflicker is their lack of news - ESPN obviously much better there.
very true.. supposedly, they are bringing back rotowire back to fleaflicker which should help some if they integrate it back it..
Fitzy gave me a run last week - tightest match I have had in awhile.
Checked out baseball on fleaflicker, looks good if you wish to change next season, my team is sucking big wind.
wow.. so, apparently our playoffs started and I wasn't aware of it.. lol
Woo! Good week for me.. Beat down KC in both baseball and football this week!
and holy crap.. i actually won it all!
probably up to KC.. it was hard enough for me to run the football league timewise.. not sure if he's got a lot of time with his second kid on the way..
I swear, if you call me little b**ch thirteen or fourteen more times, I'm out of here...

Your mother's deaf...

My mother's dead, you little twerp.

I guess that why she didn't move around much.
Hi Guys!

Sorry for the delay, but Fitzy is right I have been a little busy (my 2nd child, a girl, was just born last Wednesday!)

I created a 12-team league on ESPN, here is the link

Insert Really Creative Name Here League Office - Free Fantasy Baseball - ESPN

I'm going to invite a few friends who may want to join, just to try and pad our membership a little bit. It's a just for fun league, so let's have some fun with it :)

I kept the scoring simple (10 categories), simple W-L for the week instead of some crazy amount of categories last year which led to crazy records :)

I also ask that if you are going to join, please plan on participating. I understand if people are busy as I know I will be, but not managing your lineup or having half of your starting lineup on the DL hurts the league.

I hope we can have a good time - I'm open to adjustments for league layout and scoring. I would request that anything you post here you also post on the league message board.

Draft time is currently set to Thursday April 1st I believe at 9:45 PM EST. I personally won't be able to do a weekend draft, but a weekday late at night would be best for me. I'll post something for draft date/time.

Thanks and good luck!

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