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8 Apr 2005
I just created a league if anyone is interested (I'm addicted to Fantasy Sports) :p

Here is the info incase you want to sign up:

You have been invited to join kcnychief's Custom League in Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball.
In order to join the league, follow the link above or go to game front page, click the "Sign Up Now" or "Get Another Team" button and follow the links to "Join a Custom League". When prompted, enter the League ID# and password below.
League ID#: 105569
Password: OSNN

Draft is currently set for end of March, but can be adjusted. I kept scoring to all positives, so it should be fun :D

edit: 2008 League Information:

Join Link: join kcnychief's Custom League

League ID# 47376
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Re: Fantasy Baseball League

Count me in. Send me a PM so I remember to sign up!
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

You can sign up anytime you want, even now ;)
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

We have 3 so far, Fitzy is one and I can tell who the other person is (besides me of course).

WE WANT MORE COWBELL - A.K.A. players ;)
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

Come on people - we need some players :)

Dreamliner - did you sign up yet?
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

If anyone drafts Berkman or Oswalt then I quit. You can have everyone else in the league but I want my Astros!
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

So you going to play then? Welcome matt___________ :)

A.K.A. Astros ;)

Once we get some more people - at least 6 hopefully, we can pick a final draft day/time that works for everyone or as many people as we can.
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

Baseball is my sport. I'll watch other sports but I actually care when it comes to baseball and the Astros.

I live for this.
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

Hahaha, stealing the Fox Sports slogan.

I was telling Erica how excited I was for Baseball this year, moreso than in years past.

That was followed by her throwing a pillow at me after I said the Yankees are 4-0 and the Sux are 3-3 :p
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

Actually, "I live for this" Major League Baseball's quote.

It's Spring Training, big deal. I don't put any stock in ST.
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

when I was a kid, i loved baseball. I grew apart from it as a got older.. and moved more into basketball (hey, anyone want to start a march madness bracket for fun?) and football.

Over the last couple years, I've "rediscovered" baseball and have enjoyed it more and more. Too bad I'm a Cubs fan.. *sigh* (There's always next year - oh wait, the year hasn't started yet... well, still gotta practice)
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

The Cubs will surprise a lot of people this year, and I think Soriano is a great addition. Sweet Lou should have one heck of an impact, especially if they can also add A-Rod during the summer? :eek:
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

Alright KC, you have me, I want you and the guys know I don't have a clue in what I'm doing, lover the game, just never got into the fantasy side of it.
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

lawman.. you seem to be doing all right in the other fantasy sports :)
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

^^Agreed, you are either lucky or some hell of a hustler :smoker:

Glad to have you lawman :)
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

Guys, Basketball, football, and baseball was something I was rise on, just happen to walkaway from baseball after going in the military, but find myself come back to baseball little by little, beside it would be a fantasy league with out the three of us battling out for first place, just don't bet me up to bad.
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

Registered. I vote for a slightly in the day draft!
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

Sweet so we have 6 teams.

Anyone ready to have a draft this Sunday, say 3PM EST so Gonaads can sleep until noon? :p
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

Why do I have to arrange by day around him??! =]
Re: Fantasy Baseball League

Har, well he sleeps the latest of all of us. I'd rather do 12 NOON - 9 PST myself, but I know he'll never go for that :D

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