OS X Shares Suddenly Missing from Windows 2000

Hello all,

I have a strange little problem with my Windows 2000 box and my Macs running OS x 10.3.8. I installed a new USB card in my Windows box along with the included USB drivers.

When I rebooted my networked mapped OS X shares wouldn't appear and I can no longer browse with Wondows to the Mac. I *can* however open up the Windows shares on both of my Macs. I can also browse the internet fine on the PC. I don't have another PC to see if this is something between the Windows 2000 and OSX or just something wonky with the PC networking.

So I think installing the USB drivers turned a service off or something. Does anyone know what this might be and how I can get things working again? Thanks!
Nope, that didn't do anything. It says "Network Path Not Found" and nothing shows up under Computers Near Me. How do I connect to a server using an IP address? Maybe that wil work.


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It sounds more like a Master Browser issue. Try disabling/reenabling the Computer Browser service on the Windows PC.


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I am not familiar with OSX, but am familiar with Linux/Unix and windows file sharing, does OSX use samba?

Can you ping the 2k PC by IP and UNC path, and vice versa from the Mac's?


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OK, but can you access the shares via the ip address. Just type \\192.168.x.x or whatever your OSX IP's are, into Start > Run.

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