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From AppleInsider

Apple has seeded the latest beta and maintenance release to its Panther OS, which will pack over 30 bug fixes and improvements.

As previously anticipated, Apple on Friday seeded its developers with the first build of Mac OS X 10.3.9, the next in a series of maintenance releases to its Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther" operating system.

The system update is being distributed as a 29.5MB image and is currently at build 7W72.

In a seed note accompanying the latest build, Apple reportedly told developers to focus their testing efforts in the following areas: Bluetooth, DVD Player, FireWire devices, Modems (both internal and external), Networking, Printing, Safari, Terminal and USB devices. The company also asked that developers asses the 'general system usability and reliability.'

Apple also listed approximately 30 areas of change and enhancement that are already reflected in build 7W72. Some of these improvements include various video driver fixes, improved Directory Services performance, Java garbage collection optimization, 'wake from sleep' performance improvements, and a new version of the Mac OS X kernel (7.9.0).

Mac OS X 10.3.9 will also usher in bug fixes to the following components: Automounter, Object Exchange over Bluetooth, Fax and modem, FireWire OHCI software, Password server slapd, SmartcardServices compatibility, setkey command line tool, Navigation Services, USB FHCI, and USB 2.0 hard drive mounting.

Sources tell AppleInsider that Mac OS X 10.3.9 is slated for a release in late March or early April.


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This is the one major benefits to having a mac, everything is updated and new things are constanly being added. Good job Apple!!!!


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Some interesting updates coming (some that fix things some people say broke in 3.8 and some things wrong w/ the mini for others *cough*video drivers*cough*).

The part I didn't like to read was the expected release of late March early April as that means that Tiger most likely won't release till end of April at the earliest. :(


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More looking forward to Tiger (8A939 seeded! Yummy!) than updates to Panther :D

Xie, if it does come in April many people will be happy, we've all been waiting on an end-of-June release so far.


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Tiger will be worth the money, the last build I used was 8A294, we're on 8A393 now, so lots has improved/been added since I last used it. Can't wait for a final (giving up beta chasing for now, ruins the fun of the final :D)


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I am waiting until they update the Mac mini to include the new ATI GFX card so that it can use compositing in mac OS X, instead of using straight up quartz to do OpenGL.

Compositing is supposed to give an entirely new meaning to expose and other stuff

* Note: This information may be inaccurate, i can't remember where i read about it.

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