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OS on which drive?


Ok well I am currently upgrading my computer like many of you on this board. I am just curious as to where people would install their OS?

the new system i want to build will have 2 WD 80g PATA hard drives (from old computer) and I am buying 2 Seagate 200g SATA Hard drives. Where would you recommend that I run my OS from? Is it worth Raiding any of these drives?
well sata is faster that normal ide so setup the os on the sata i have my windows xp setup on an 80gb WD SATA drive it's not bad you just need to have the raid driver on a floppy disk and press F6 when windows setup starts up you and configure a couple of things in the BIOS setup it's not that hard
MC82 said:
what if i dont have a floppy drive =D
If it's onboard SATA on a new mobo it most likely won't be needed. It's only if the SATA controller has it's own BIOS that you need a driver (like on the older chipsets). Some of the SATA ports might have it's own controller and need a driver though.

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