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OS 9.2.1 CD, will not boot


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
OK - pretty sure I SHOULD have a valid OS9.2.1 CD now (thanks X) abd having worked out how to eject the CD I thought all would be plain sailing. However despite several attempts at holding the C key during boot it refuses to go there... is there an equivalent of BIOS boot sequence for the Mac?

I only have a guest account until reinstall - so cannot even go to controls startup disc - is there any other way or anything i have missed?

Google shows up some issues where a CD has to be exactly the right version for the hardware... could that be the issue? Thought it would get further before rejecting that. The existing OS shows as Mac OS Z1 -9.2.2 with ROM 9.0.1 if that helps.


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Try holding down the ALT/OPTION key during boot. On mine it provides a choice of drives to boot from, it may include the CD if it's in the drive.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
HMMmmm the alt key works to a point, but the only device that comes up is the HD. there is a circular arrow to the left which seems to be refresh and a right arrow to the right which I hoped would show me alternatice devices, but in fact just goes on to boot (from HD obviously). So off I go to look into the PRAM thing....


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
OK - I'm into openfirmware (ALT CTRL O F is a good one to know) - this should be productive, now how to work out the boot command for OS9.2 disc (booting C would not do it)
[edit]oh dear - reset-nvram and reset-all and set-defaults but all to no avail, no change. And in my googling about I have read of others with G4's who could boot into OSX, but not into 9.2 Seems crazy, but I am not optimistic - better find out what the sodimm will set them back if I can get it - looks like OSX is the only way out of this hole.
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Would love to help more, but I'm not familiar with Open Firmware. I was more technical with hardware when I ran OS/2 as I built my own computers to avoid the Windows Tax.

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