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I have just recently heard of OS/2. I know its an operating system and heard its soppose to be pretty good. I was wondering if anybody knew where I could see some screenshots and info on this Operating System.

Thanks In Advance!


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OS/2 was a 32-bit, preemptively multitasking OS that ran on the Intel 80x86. The father of Windows NT (and in a sense, Windows itself), OS/2 was born of cooperation between Microsoft and IBM. Before the 2.0 release, Microsoft withdrew from the project, leaving IBM to continue development. IBM continued development for several years, and then in early 2000 announced that it was dead (although no new versions had been released for several years before). OS/2 placed a great deal of emphasis on customizability, and borrowed liberally from Unix and DOS. Additionally, it's DOS emulation was quite good, allowing it also to run Windows 3.1. During its midlife, OS/2 was a testing ground for a number of IBM technologies, including built-in voice dictation software, Java development tools, and various other things. Unfortunately, OS/2 suffered greatly from poor 3rd party support, lack of support from various divisions within IBM, and several long-lived architectural flaws.

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