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Orginal sky box, what can i do with it



Hi guys. I have an old Sky orginal box here. Haven't switched it on yet because I wanted to look inside while the capicators are decharged. Basically I was wondering what on earth i could do with this box.

Phaw it smells, lets give it a dust over. Thats better. Right on the back there are the following ports, two audio phono ports (red, white), some kind of ch switch, then a switch with setup (above) and norm (below), RF out, RF in, LNF in, video scart, TV scart and to my astonshimant there is a decoder interface connection. Looks very similar to a serial connection to me.

Basically I was wondering if A, I could use this box for Satellite Internet (perhaps a serial to USB 2.0 converter cable), are there any couf* cards you can buy, I'm just wondering here. Any any other uses would be interesting.

Perhaps I could connect it up to my PC and do something with it.

State your ideas here please. Lets go and switch it on.


Well guys I can tell you that the box works birlliantly. LoL so much differen't to Sky Digital, not a channell menue or anything. Obivously I have no signal Because I have no dish. Just wondering, Will a minidish be able to be used with this box. Say split the signal from downstaires set top box to my set top bix?


Ill explain my theory in the morning, I'm rather tired now, Mod's I think I posted this in wrong area, move to general or something.
you could always get some computer bits and build a PC into the sky box case - get divx on your TV using it or something :)

thats what I aim to do with my tv pc - just cant get hold of a box the right size. might be looking around for some clear perspex today to build a box myself :)


Heh, put a PC in it. Are you mad. I'm really scin't and don't think I could afford another computer :huh:. So I was look at the satellite portal at http://astalavista.box.sk and there are some interesting things going on. Basically I just wanted to mess around with the box and see if I could get any use out of it. Here is wat I'm hoping to do. Guide me if you can.

1. Can I use a serial cable to connect the box to my PC?
2. If so what software can I use to interact with the box.
3. How do I update the box to the latest TSOP (the menue etc)
4. Can I use our Sky Digital Dish (with cable splitter) to my box?

And interesting stuff a long thoughs lines. Would be great if you could help, the box has been on and working for more than 12 hours. :cool:


Some more technical information.

Manufacture = ORION
Model N0=IRD2001
IF Frequency=950-1750MHz
Audio Tuning Range=5.5-9.8Mhz
Serial N0=722-3610071

When we use the box ages ago I beilieve we accessed the Astra Satellite Network. If anyone knows if this service is still up and running let us know.

Like I posted above. Can I use this with some sort of cable (like PC Y splitter cable[princile]) could I hook it up to this box and use either Sky Digital (downstairs) or Astra Satellite (old box). The minidish is in the same place so I would assume this would work signal wise.

Also, were can I buy Subscripition card's in the UK, any information is welcomed.

Another point, Like I mentioned. Could I connect this up to my PC via serial and update the software to the latest version (I think this is called EEPROM). Thanks for any information on that.

I know this probebly isn't possible because one of you guys mentioned it, but as it has a serial port (haven't tried a cable yet) and a satellite port could it be used for satellite internet. I don't see why it cant be used because the principle the satellite tv surely is similar. Perhaps I just change the EEPROM or something to work with internet.

Any Satellite hobbiests out there mention your views!


Hello there.
Having dabled with Sat receivers for years, it depends what frquency range this receiver is compatible with,and whether it has a universal LNB.
If you can cover the 10.00 to 12.8 frequency you can still pick up "free to air" stations from Eutelsat @ 13 degrees etc.
As mentioned it certainly cannot be used for satellite surfing.whatever the dish used.
If it works then your geographical position would dictate whether a mini dish or full sized 60 to 80 cm will do.
On connections you can take a spur from you main UHF roof aerial to the upstairs set for analogue reception, tune to spare channel usually 5/6/9, then receive the satellite reception from the downstairs set and use in conjunction with a radio frequency sender unit such as "Powermid".
This has two items, one to send the signal and the other to receive and is pyramid shaped with small telescopic aerial.
I have used this system for many years and reception is very good, although of course you hav to watch what is on the set downstairs, but you can control the downstairs equipment and watch videos etc from upstairs.
Any more help let me know.


Hi RogerPhillis,

I'm not sure what you mean by the UHF thingy your talking about, If it's what we already have then I do know what your talking about.

I actualy I understand what your saying now. I don't really wan't that, what I was thinking of was Y splitting the minidish cable so it could feed a signal to both the sky digital box downstairs and the orginal box upstairs. Is there a device that allows you to do what your saying but instead with a digital signal.

I also wan't to know if this will damage or create any conflicts with either set top boxes.

Cheers for information.


Yer I know thta. Just what he was talking about was spliting the UHF signal from living room to my room so I could have Sky Diigital but I didn't really wan't that because we have already split the UHF signal from living room to sunlounge and I wan't to find a use for this really old box. Bit buggured for ideas though really.
u cant split an lnb, and it aint no satalite modem, will make a nice doorstop though.


Its me again !
I dont know how we got so far away from Windows xp !
Ther used to be a device that Sky classed as illegal that could split the signal the way you want but the company in Scotland was pressured into withdrawing it some time ago. and in any case it meant miles of cable
How about using an extended bracket for your dish and a dual connection universal LNB pointing at 19 or 28.2 degrees East or 13 degrees (Eutelsat) and 28.2 degrees.
One connection to one room and one to the other
Otherwise you are really faced with 2 subs to Sky (2nd @ reduced price) with two receivers, to get independently controlled pictures.


Thanks for information. For satellite internet I'm just going to get a second LNB and PCI card and be done with it, I'm doing my own research on this stuff.

And the orginal box, well keeping the circuit boards for LEDS, Switches etc for future use but I took em out and going to replace the circuit boards with my Freeview digital box. I don't need a satellite for this and there will be much more ventallation for the box. Read 'I require small heatsink' thread.

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