organized favorites?


9 Sep 2002
Is there any program that will enable in IE my organized favorites to stay in the order I have placed them. Just some not all of my organized favorites are in different order each day.

the 2 in particular have different icons, & Spammers Paradise.

this what i mean by differant icons
It sounds like you have some spyware adding sites to your favs and re-arranging. Do you run Adaware or the like? I use IE as well as Firbird, Mozilla and Opera and I haven't seen anything like that.
ok, I think I understand what you were asking now. You have your favs in a custom order, not alphabetized.
Are they alphabetized when you go back in? or are they just moved around randomly.
everything is in my custom order execpt those 2 with differant icons ,how can i change those icons so they are like all the others?
Click on favorites, then right-click on the one you want to change.
Go to properties and the Web Document tab (in XP)
There is a button there for change icon
When you click that, there is a box that says look for icons in this file, make sure it says:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\url.dll <---hopefully you installed Windows to std directories

Then choose the standard "E" icon which should be at the top of the list.
delete favicons. I forget wher ethe option is, but normally if you delete cookies and favourites, they are gone
bluzboy, use the method wag describes to copy a path to an icon that you want.

then repeat on the icons that you don't want, and paste in the new path

I love favicons...I use a program called favorg that keeps the facicons there till I don't want them

funny though, when I first read the post, I thought you had a "favorites" order issue, not a "favorites" icon issue.

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