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Orbitz 1024 or 1280


The First Rebirth
Is there any real major difference?
Orbitz 800 I can see that it really does shrink. On my 19" CRT at 1280 x 1024 res using 1024 or 1280 the fonts shift over a space or two. Tried it in both IE and FireFox.


I may actually be insane.
To my knowledge, 800 is narrow and fixed width, 1024 is fixed width for users of that res, and 1280 is variable width, it works in 1024, but also adapts itself to higher resolutions. I could be wrong though.


- geek -
800 is fixed and so could 1024 (what i use) but 1280 doesn't adapt to 1024 as i have a scroll at bottom ::shivers::

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
1280 here on my Sony 19" CRT, left and right stripes are thinner this way and ads return on the right side ;) 800 is horrible, at least for me...

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Electronic Punk said:
[...] if you don't see a difference, you are blocking the adverts.
What do you mean ?
I chose 1280 in the drop down list because of my screen, I'm glad you enabled this option EP btw, and the cherry on top of it is that the ads returned on the right side as where before you tweaked the front page, leaving the left menus untouched as I love them ;)

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
We all know this ;)
1280 is the best, it keeps the page well balanced, organized, more agreable to the eye; unfortunately, some can't run that res. ...
EP, don't take me wrong, I didn't mean to criticize any part of the page content ;)


The First Rebirth
Electronic Punk said:
Yeah, with the 1280 the ads are on the right, if you don't see a difference, you are blocking the adverts.
Yes my computer has been blocking ads :(
Bad Proximotron. Bad :mad:
Yipee!! I can now vote on the front page :)

Electronic Punk

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No doubt Howling Wolf, but I designed and modified each of those themes while working in that particular resolution and thats what they came out at.

I also use the 1280 version as that is what my res can allow, but others can't

Alot of offices etc. are still stuck in 800x600 for example.

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