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Orbital - Halcyon On & On



has anyone figured out what the vocals are saying?
BTW, this is the very best song....IMO
my 2 cents..

Electronic Punk

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Fine chill out tune...

tee-tee-nana-na-na... na-nu-naaa-na-na-na-naaaa... na-nu...
tee-tee-nana-na-na... na-nu-naaa-na-na-na-naaaa...

Tho I imagine that you secretly knew that.
I foyu like that tune I suggest you get both the orignal and Oliver Lieb remixes of Utah Saints = Lost Vagueness
The Lieb remix is awesome ;)


its very calming...as is ATB - Beach Vibes by EFF....rofl electro, is that really wut they say? cuz I know it sounds like that but that makes no sense!

Electronic Punk

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Yes thats really the lyrics...
Oh and lost faith in ATB when he repeated his own "Don't Stop" with the same effect in reverse for "9pm"

Horrid attempt at trance music :p
hmm.. got bored...

so decided to mess with Macromedia flash... and this song ;)


visit it... if your on 56k will take about 3 mins to load... (457 k)

broadband will be less then 3 mins if you pause all the p0rn your downloading ;)

Music (Orbital - Halcyon On & On) will auto start click the Music (cd icon) button top right corner to pause ;)

MdSalih - bored...

Electronic Punk

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Now you got me started.
Off the top of my head...

Chillout tunes by Tiesto:
Obsession, Suburban Train

Silence, Flesh, Tarantula
erm erm erm

PvD, pretty much anything cept Columbia, thats a bit pants.
PvD is letting me down.

Shover Bot

Halcyon is one of the all time greatest songs Orbital has ever done, IMHO. I really enjoy the Boojah live mix w/ jon bon jovi and belinda carlisle (i'll post a link as soon as I can find the file).

As far as excellent chillout musics go......
Wir and Slow it grows - The Orb
The Art of Noise - Opus 4 (Gives Halcyon a serious run for it's money in the sheer melodic beauty department. Drum and Bass, but even still. Excellent excellent stuff. Drum and Bass Collection by Arto of Noise is one of my favorite albums on the face of the planet.)
Thrillseekers - Synathesia
Skip Raiders - Just another Day (gets a little energetic at the end, but still quite mellow for most of the song.)

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