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Optimus Nova 80 Headphones



I have the Optimus Nova 80 Headphones which I use with BattleCom just starting tonight. The problem is when I speak into the microphone attached I only hear it in the left ear, I also only hear my friend on BattleCom in the left ear. All sound effects in games and windows are played only in the left ear as well. I'm not sure why and I've even checked to make sure the headphone and microphone jack were properly seated (pushed in entirely) which they are. I just don't get it- Any ideas...

Thanks in advance :)
spin it around in the slot a little..

bare with me
headphone jack - - place to plug it in
- - - - - - - - - V - V

- - - - - - - - ==> O

spin the jack in a circle one its in the hole. happens to me sometimes.


spinning the jack doesn't help - i've also tried it in every hole except for the microphone hole and getting no sound returned except for the 1 where I only hear out of 1 ear.

Maybe these headphones are old- I suppose I'll purchase new headphones and try to single these out.

I have a Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer and not sure what else to share here but this is the link to my card.



Could be a setting in the program try the headphones in your CD player with a music CD if you hear in stereo then it's a Software setting. (Mute right channel or something)
It actually sounds like a wire is bad in the plug or the earpiece (two common hi stress locations). Do the headphones work in a portable CD/tape player (or in any device with a jack)? If not, try bending the wire around at the plug and earpiece. If the sound cuts in and out while doing so, there is a break in the wire near there. This is fixable if so inclined.


I just tried bending the headphone jack to see if the right channel comes in but nothing. Although I do hear the left channel breaking up possibly about to go.

It has to be in the ear piece and I'd like to fix this if at all possible.


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I have a set of these headphones and the part that was failing on my was the volume adjusting device I found if you pull the dial to full and try pulling it beyond it for a second then put it down it works for awhile, I ripped my up (bad move in my opinion) I am not very skilled but you should be able to bypass the audio adjusting device. So thats where I am can't seem to get it to work got it to work for a second going to get one of my technology obsessed friends to take a look at it. I have probably ruined my so if messing with the audio adjuster works then don't rip it apart unless you know what your doing.

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