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Optimus Keyboard


The One and Only
from what they said, it may cost around the price of your high-tech-ish cell phone (~$250+) hope it's not THAT high..... $150 i MIGHT be able to deal with..... $100 would be just too good to be true.....


Political User
Yeah, unfortunately I think it might be closer to $300. I will need to be convinced its really worth it if it really is this high. From what I have read thus far though, it might be a very versatile piece of hardware that will change our lives :p

We will see soon enough!


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
why? I really find it hard to see this as anything more than a gadget.... If one wants to have display elsewhere I can think of better ideas than this for that money..

The concept would be cool though if it applied to EVERY key so that when you change language your keboard shows everything as it is correctly. But I do not believe from what I breifly scanned that this si what that keyboard does and this application would basically need OS codepage level support - which I do not believe exists....


I may actually be insane.
Ehm... it does change every key. That's the whole idea of the board. You put caps lock on, your keys turn to caps, your open photoshop, it shows all your shortcuts etc.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Hmm if it is released on Feb 1 I should get a free one, it's my birthday dammit! :)

You guys can start a Admiral Michael's birthday gift fund to buy it for me :D

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