Opps I accidently formatted


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14 Jan 2004
Stupid me mistakenly formatted and deleted the partition on my 40 gig drive thinking it was my other 40 gig. There was alot of files I did not want to lose. What can I do? Is there any freeware progy that will recover deleted partitions/files? Whats the best method for doing this? Note: I have already reinstalled xp on this drive too. Any help would be appreciated!
Dunno about that mate :(
Usually you have to go through a data reclaimation service.
Problem is they cost biiiig bucks.
There are several apps that can be used to salvage data off a formatted partition, but I doubt they'd work very well, especially since you've overwritten a large part of your disk with the new XP installation.
This might help. I really don't know much about the product so make sure you learn more about it. They have a free trial which I think will show you the files that can be recovered. But, I think you have to purchase it to actually do the recovery. If nothing else, the trial will be able to tell you if it can be done. http://www.partition-recovery.com/

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