Opinions welcome on my e-bay bid...


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In a few hours I may finally have decided my new system spec. Depending on my E-bay success.... Currently my bid is riding just under £500 (that's about $830) and I am prepared to go higher, not much though....

This is the spec.:- ASUS A7V8X-X Motherboard XP 3000+ with 512Mb of PC2700 DDR Ram and a Geforce 4 MX440 128Mb 8x DDR Graphics card with DVI & TV-Out facility. 120gb ATA133 7200rpm Hard Drive. 52x24x52 Fastest CD-RW. USB 2.0, ATA133, 5.1 compatible stereo sound, FSB 333, DDR 333. Coolermaster AMD Approved Heatsink & Fan.

And the case is even fairly attractive - shame they do not spec. their PSU - but heck I can change that if/when I need to...

So like I said - any opinions welcome (although I'm aware of ASUS/ABIT/NFORCE debate and my decision's largely based on
this chart)
Oh Dear !

Oh Dear! That graphics card is woefully poor if you intend on playing the latest games, but the rest of the kit aint bad!

Go for a lesser Cpu and your laughing 2500 xp Barton £70
overclockers dream.

Mobo £47
Cpu £211
Crucial Ram £65
Leadtek Geforce4 Mx440 8x AGP 64 MB DDR DVI £40
Maxtor Hard Drive 120Gb udma133 7200rpm £70
SoundBlaster 5.1 £24
Liteon 52x32x52x IDE DRIVE £27
Case £20

Total £504

Total £366 with 2500xp


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not many games here

Yeah - I knew the weakest link! And you're right about the processor - but no way am I going 64FX and so wanting to future proof this is (I hope!) my best fall back...

As for the graphics card - I may eventually spring for a Radeon 9700/9800 All Wonderful Pro - just because I want the dongles to do some video editting stuff... But to start with I'll see how the cruddy GEForce performs (after all it is higher spec than my current 64 MB jobbie).

But a big thanks for the input - you were nearly in time to make me rethink my bid! (still pretty happy with the bangs I got for my bucks though).


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Henyman - you know they're not gonna go at those prices in the end... and they don't come close to what I need.... plus I only consider P4 in bad moments (I'm kinda an AMD man)... but I guess they do spread the thread interest, so to speak.

That poll's getting real exciting!

Bronx Bomber

hhmm...for the money, its not a bad system. but i myself like P4s.
but yea, that graphics card has got to go.