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Opinion on RAM-Optimizer(Ozone 1.01)!?

I have never been using things like RAM optimizers. So for those who use them what's your opinion on the RAM-Optimizer(Ozone 1.01) freeware?
Maybe I'll give it a try... If it's worth using it.

Cheers, Oerficus

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I find that those things are a royal pain in the butt especially if you are playing a game & don't turn it off.
I have noticed though that if you quit a large application the memory seems to free itself. Are they necessary for XP? :confused:
I just use clearmem every now and again for when some programs leave crap behind other then that no ram optimizer is really needed with xp :)
windows doesnt handle the ram very well .. its only using it..:p It does free up some of the used mem when closing a program game etc.. but it doesnt free up all of the used mem!

Clearmem is neat.. very cool tool..its a small mem "optimizer" but 1st of all it isnt free! (Check it out if u dont believe me) its ripped out from one of the win2K server resource kit cds! Wich indeed aint free @ all!

2nd other free memtools does exactly the same as clearmem! Flushes the ram "optimize it" and or maybe defrags it! And some of the best mem tools are free.. such as Cacheman 5.11 or RAM-Optimizer for that matter!

I think having installed a ram optimizer is a smart choice.. if the tool is good that is! Reason for that is simple, because when u load..run start up programs.. games.. whatever it uses up the memory .. windows doesnt alocate (free) up the used memory the best possible way..not until a new reboot that is! Mem optimizers do that with a single mouse button or command.. without rebooting..

but ofcourse the choice is yours....

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