Operation failed: Purging the DNS Resolver cache

my windows xp sp1 desktop is having problems accessing the router and modem.

i got a d-link 624 wireless router and cable modem but can't connect to either with the desktop. the computer i'm currently using is a wireless laptop and it has no troubles accessing the internet and router. i've done the power down/reboots of both and still nothing. i can't access the router ( with the desktop.

when i check the network connections, the ip/dhcp/gateway info is all there but when i try and repair the connection i get:
the following steps failed: purging the dns resolver cache.

ipconfig /flushdns through the cmd prompt doesn't work either. ipconfig is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

if i bypass the router and go modem to desktop, the network connection states that its unplugged and the modem's pc light goes dark. plugging the router back in the light goes on, the data light flashes and the network cable unplugged disappears.

adelphia tech support couldn't help. hope there's someone in this community who can.


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Hmmm, not to doubt your word, but we work with a few adelphia accounts at work, and their modems are very finicky about the mac address of the unit plugged into them. Make sure you recycle the power on the cable modem with the router on and in it's normal state. Then release the wan address on the router and recycle the power there. Once thats done, reboot your pc's and see how that works out. You can flush the DNS by stopping and restarting the DNS clint service from Administrative Tools/Services. The modem light going out may be the fact that you have a crossover cable going from modem to router? May want to try a different cable anyhow. Could be a broken strand of the twisted pair. Hope something here helped.

edit: Oh, also, maybe a firewall rule blocking your wired ports? I'm not familiar with that particular router.


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Does the network card receive an IP address via DHCP? Mac address filtering wouldn't show a disconnected cable, in fact everything would appear to working correctly, just no internet, LAN wouldn't be affected.

As far as ipconfig not being recognized, make sure you have C:\Windows\System32 or %systemroot%\system32 in your PATH environment variable, run SET to see the current variables.


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Upon re-reading his post, I see he says that he is getting dhcp info passed to the desktop from the router. At least thats the way I read it. If he's getting the dhcp info passed, but has no access, it sounds like a rule issue.

He also states in the last part that he's going modem to desktop (no router) ang getting the no-connection message. That's why I believe he's got a cable issue. Sounds to me most likely a crossover and he needs a standard patch cable in that configuration.
First, thank you for your prompt responses.

I tried each of your suggestions and still no go.

modem > router cross-over cable
router > PC standard cable

DNS Client service is running and automatic.

I am able to get to C:\WINDOWS\system32 and run ipconfig. When I run ipconfig /flushdns, it says - Could not flush the DNS Resolver Cache: Function failed during execution.

I can access the router from this laptop and change the ip address of both the wired and wireless ethernet cards on the desktop. The new addresses are displayed in the desktop's ipconfig as well as the repair feature of network connections. I still have a problem with the DNS Resolver cache though.

Is there a file or something missing that would wreak havok with the DNS Resolver? Is it replacable or do I need to do a backup and clean install Windows?


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That error is fine and normal if you have disabled the DNS Client service, that is normal, and nothing to be concerned with.
it's working...for now

don't know what i did but it's working for now.

i uninstalled some old programs. i also uninstalled and reinstalled the services for each connection. and it's all working now.

thanks again for your attention.

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