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Opera Or IE




Talking about me before I make my first post.
Hi everyone.:)

So how is the speed on crazy? I only posted the link and have not tried it.

Perris Calderon

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my last post before bed

I don't notice a differance in speed with opera, over ie, nor with crazy.

crazy has some great features, and I love the interface, so I like the browser.

I don't use it, because adshield is written for ie only, and I just can't serf without addshield anymore...oh well


As you know I am a Netscape user still. I hate I.E. I even get more ads and pop-up ads that I never see with Netscape. Even at Hotmail the pass month or so you see the box that the ads go but then it goes away. No ads at hotmail. Went there with I.E. and it took forever to load and I got the 10x pop up ad.:eek:

You know I took the tour of all the screen shots there of crazy and the way you can adjust the settings looks some what like netscape. I think ot has a little from each maybe.

Yea I hate ads and if I get pop up ads from a site I just stay away from it.:)
For many moons I reverently used Netscape, more as a way of showing my disgust at M$ than anything else. Right thru' Version 4.7 Netscape was faster and efficient but then came V6.0 Ohhh!! What a mistake, never again. I tried Opera and Crazy (which is very good, very fast and fairly feature packed), but now always I seem to return to IE mainly because it has one or two features that I can't find in other browsers, but also because there are sites out there that ONLY support IE5 or greater. (another reason for a movement by the people to topple M$ dominance!!)



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I E is very slow, thats why i use Opera because its fast and looks like netscape a little, it has a kinds of cool fetures!

Perris Calderon

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well, with the site down last nite, and nothing to do, I loaded every browser I could fine...coupla really small ones too

I launcehed all of the browsers;

ie was the slowest to load, except for netscape...toss up there


I went to a new page simultaneously with ie one at a time;

sorry guys;

ie finished loading every time faster then every other browser on my dialup.

I haven't done this on braod band yet.

funny, a coupla times, the other browsers started loading the page first, but ie always finished a head.

everytime, I went to a brand new page...so cache was not an issue


The Off By One Browser is another one the is very small that you can run from a zip or CD and NO install is needed to check it out.


My good friend Ramona has a great site on Netscape for those of you that like it.


Netscape Browser Archive


But I removed the feedback and AOL from my PC.
Also the Shop button is gone now.:)
To remove it...
Add this line to your prefs.js file located in your user folder:

user_pref("browser.chrome.disableMyShopping", true);

Do it with 4.7 closed.Next time you start 4.7 the shopping
button will be gone.


Why is it that Netscape is always faster for me. Well I.E. is only faster when that site was not made right so you could use Netscape to see it.

I asked this long ago and never heard back from anyone. But if you get software from my ISP it is Netscape. Wonder if what your ISP supports has anything to do with speed.

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