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Opera newbie needs help!



I decided to try opera and i can honestly say I like it way more then IE. But there are some small problems, one is www.amddb.com wont display right... minor problem but im wondering if other sites wont either? Also does anyone have some tips and tricks and experiences to share? still trying to figure out how change settings and get rid of the useless windows and menus...
There are known sites that won't work correctly with Opera.

Microsoft's own website is one of them, go figure that out.

Microsoft is of the opinion that everybody must use and like IE, well I do neither.

That's why I use Opera 99% of the time. if I have to go to MS website I use IE, for other websites that refuse to conform to the standards and only build webpages directed to IE only, I simply don't go there or refuse to go there.

my 3 cents



I've started using Opera again on a regular basis as well. I've noticed a few sites don't show properly. Even ntfs.org is messed up for me(minor things). The main page doesnt fit my resolution, and when threads have more than one page, the page numbers at the bottom look like they are crammed into each other.

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