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opera and firefox help please

Perris Calderon

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gonna try to ween myself off of ie.

could someone give me a step by step tutorial to get the toolbars as small as possible on both firefox and opera please?

if possible to get as small as my screenshot, I would be very happy


Perris Calderon

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don't want to mess with ie 6 unless I could toggle back and forth, whcih can't be done...I wish they made it an added application instead of a replacement, but I guess it would use more resources if it was done that way


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First off, go into customize (firefox), on the toolbar area, and make sure it's set too small icons, and icons only..

then go searching for a skin called minifirefox......and while in customize mode, move everything into one bar, and right click remove the other bars, which u have now placed in one

Then there are some extensions, I think one is called Compact Menu, which allows you to remove some of the menus, like File, Edit,etc

Here is the link to the extension https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/1422/


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For Opera, I would recommend the Breeze Simplified Micro skin, here. Using Opera click 'download skin' and it will automatically skin itself for you. If you don't like it you can always search for other skins here.

By right-clicking on any part of the toolbar you can click 'remove from toolbar' (pretty self explanatory).

Also, tools > appearance > toolbars

I have status bar, address bar and tab bar ticked. If using tabbed browsing (which i recommend), make sure the tab bar is selected (yellow box will appear around it) and tick 'show only when needed' so if only one page is open the tab bar will be hidden, increasing screen space.

With all toolbars you can choose their position; just make sure they are selected and choose top, bottom, left or right.

tools > appearance > buttons

browse through and drag any additional buttons to where you want them.

Unfortunately the file, edit bar must be seperate, ie. no other toolbars or buttons can be on that line.

example screenshot:

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
you got enough tray icons there perris? :p

Having said that, got 11 myself :O
contrary to popular belief, the MORE programs you have running the faster the computer, not the reverse

this is counter intuitive, and oposite of what most people preach on the internet, but it's true never the less

it will be true IF both of the following;

1)if the programs you launch don't "run" in the backround but give up their memory and run idle once you minimuze

2) you intend on launching the program again

if both of those factors are correct, then you loose nothing by keeping the program launched and minimezed, and you gain a faster recovery time when you do need to go back to the program


I don't think a person should ever turn down word, excel, and a host of programs that give up their memory and tun idle when they are not accessed
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