opening a link wont work??!?



hey, well i was wondering now that i have xp, everytime i click on a link (ie: another window will pop up but the windo wont load the site? what can i do to fix this problem?
what i mean.

ok..well everytime i click on a link it doesnt load up. the only thing that happens is a new box/window will pop up but nothing will load in the window, so basically its an empty window.
Are these links in favorites, or ones you've created on your desktop? Whatever, right click on them and make sure the URL is correct.
A good thing to do is go to Start > run and type sfc

thats the system file checker for XP
the links that arent working for me are the ones in which i click and a window pops like if there was a n i tried to click it, it would juss pop up a box n not load..hope you kinda understood that..
well not cuz the URLs are wrong its just ANY url or link i click on wont NOTHING will load.!!..
I run XP connected through a winproxy on a 98 machine. i cant see web sites unless they have been loaded from another machine first. don't know if this is relevant. if anyone has any other ideas as to why this might happen please help. it can be quite annoying.

im on win2k right now and if I click any link on any web page it will open a black page.
gonna delete temp files restore default settings chkdsk /f reboot
Then if that doesn’t work reinstall

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