OpenGL with Wolf+Q3



I have a Geforce 2 MX400 64Mb AGP,

With Return to Castle Wolfenstien + Quake 3, i have noticed that the edges of guns and characters are very sharp and pixely. (i have outlined an obvious example in the bmp i have posted)
it is more so with Wolf, due to the complexety of the guns etc. compared to Q3.

Is this a characteristic of OpenGL?
Is there any way i can cure it?

I have set the graphics to the highest setting in 800x600 (1024x868 plays hell with the controls but thats another problem)
and i seem to think it was fine b4 i rebuilt my windows installation.

help would be gratefully accepted.




This is the best source for info on Geforce cards.

Could you try posting the pic again? It's not loading from the link. Also, post a .jpeg instead of a .bmp, .bmp's take a looooong time to load.

It sounds like the problem *might* be related to a feature those cards have called FSAA (Full Screen Anti-Aliasing), which has to do with drawing smooth edges. This is just a guess though.